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GENERAL BEEKEEPING - MAIN POSTING FORUM. / Re: drones getting the boot
« Last post by Bush_84 on Today at 10:52:43 PM »
Is the hive short on something?  In my limited opinion bees will toss out drones when they can't feed them.
Alabama just made it a crime to remove Confederate monuments.. :)
beecan, would you agree that the same would extend to movie producers, directors, and stars?

Of course, but please do expand upon this question if you can.  Is it a matter of degree, maybe time since `influence` or maybe time since the hate speach occured, etc.?
  If you want to keep danks and give out bad advice that's okay. I just hope someone does there own homework. Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend.

             BEE HAPPY Jim 134  :smile:
GENERAL BEEKEEPING - MAIN POSTING FORUM. / drones getting the boot
« Last post by trimman on Today at 07:55:37 PM »
anyone no why my bees would be dragging out drones this early in the year
beecan, would you agree that the same would extend to movie producers, directors, and stars?
THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: Manchester Atrocity
« Last post by iddee on Today at 07:46:42 PM »
Cider, why do you buy insurance? Is it so you can create a tragedy and get paid for it? I don't think so. I think you buy it hoping it will be a waste of money that you never collect on, but it does make you sleep better knowing you have it. I carry a weapon for the same reason I buy insurance. Hoping I never need it, but want to be sure I have it if it is ever needed. A nurse here was just recently charged with another murder.   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4544982/Angel-Death-nurse-indicted-baby-s-death.html

There are crazies everywhere, so yes, I carry anywhere I can legally do so. You never know where a tragedy may strike.
2nd yr. beekeeper. I built a trap and set it. Now the waiting game. I went with old brown frame comb with a little bit of honey comb and a store bought attractant. It's been a week. Thanks for your post. I'll keep an eye on it. *wink!*
« Last post by Oldbeavo on Today at 06:52:11 PM »
Michael B
Simple way to get the box under the swarm is to get a few stones and throw them up towards the swarm, if the throw is reasonably straight up where the stone lands is about the spot to place the box. I know swarms don't always come straight down but a lot of the time the bees hit part of the box, never had a direct hit.
One serious problem with hate speech is that it encourages or emboldens illegal harmful physical action by some, who otherwise would not take that action.  Hate speech would likely be moderated if the speaker/influencer was also charged for the physical crime under conspiracy laws.  The `hater` could still say whatever he wanted, given the freedom to speech, but pay the same penalty as the criminal actor if it could be shown that his speech/blog/book/etc. likely influenced the criminal.
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