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This is a followup to the idea I was asking about in the past.

This time, I had a hive go through winter and guess they were basically starving.  I caught them before they completely perished and gave them dry sugar as it was still cold.  They continued dwindling.  It was only a small handful of bees with the queen wandering aimlessly over the comb.  I thought to myself, this is the same situation as before. 

But then it dawned on me, no it wasn't.  I had other hives!  So I took a couple of frames of bees, but thanks to everyone's comment here, I remembered I can't add a whole bunch of bees to just a few.  So I left them queenless over night in a hive, and then added them to the hive placing them away from the other bees.  I saw some bees crawl across the bars and appeared to greet the remaining bees in a non-hostile manner.  I'm not absolutely sure the queen was still there, but she was the day before.  However, in a few days, there were no eggs and I did not see a queen.  Then there were only drone cells.

Guess they killed her.  So in hindsight, it wasn't a whole 24 hours, more like just over 18.  Is that where I went wrong?
« Last post by iddee on Today at 07:38:53 PM »
Advice coming anyway. Find the infertile queen and dispatch her. Then add another frame of eggs.

If you don't use the advice, I'll refund your money for it.
Are you drawing free form in the brood box or in the super. We purposely draw free form in the super to sell as comb honey, but they will always draw drone comb in the super.
How or what they draw on is so dependant on the nectar flow, in a big flow they will draw 8 frames of wooden frames and wax coated plastic foundation very quickly. One hive this season drew out 8 frames, filled them with honey fully capped in 16 days.
THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: Silence is Golden
« Last post by kathyp on Today at 06:32:19 PM »
All we have to do is cut the ridiculous military spending and we can all have a yacht to retire in

compared to the entitlement programs the military is a very small part of our spending.  in 2015 we had a $3.8 trillion. 2/3 of the budget is entitlement spending.  military spending has gone down from its peak in 2010 by about 1 billion dollars. Discretionary spending, which includes the military, is actually less than a 1/3 of the budget because of the interest on the federal debt.   

6.5 % of discretionary spending is spent financing the government workings. 
FARMING & COUNTRY LIFE / Re: A few rustic creations
« Last post by 220 on Today at 06:27:56 PM »
Have added a few other designs and they are still continuing to sell, 3 on Saturday, 1 Sunday and another yesterday.
Will put a few more pics up when I get the chance. Have a few more cut out I need to attach stakes on but have run out of rivets, grabbed 100 when I started so must have made close to 50 of these now.

Great beer money  :cool:
THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: Trump is in Trouble
« Last post by kathyp on Today at 06:19:30 PM »
Since 1996, there have been incentives to encourage the purchase of insurance, often described as ?carrots and sticks?. The carrots comprise a 30% rebate on private insurance premiums, effectively reducing the cost. The sticks are an income tax surcharge for higher income earners without private cover. Since 2000, there has been a financial incentive to purchase insurance by the age of 30 and to stay with cover. This is Lifetime Health Cover, an age-related premium based on the number of years after 30 without private insurance.

Just curious what your opinion is on pay scale for men and women.  Should it be the same or should it be base on productivity?

If all things are equal, then yes pay should be equal regardless of the person in the job.  The problem with the calculations used to say women earn less is that they do not take into account the equality part.  Wome tend to take more time off, take lower paying jobs for the sake of time with family.  They take breaks from work for kids and so have less job experience.  What these = pay people really want is for women to be paid the same no matter the choices they make. 

here is a real life example.  Where my husband works they have hired a bunch of young women early in their careers.  Of course their starting pay is lower even though they do the same job.  They also call in fairly often with sick kids, child care issues, or they get pregnant and are gone for 6 months.  one of them has been allowed to come in late because her child care is not available early enough. 

The guys pick up the slack.  Should the women be paid the same as the men when they are usually not doing the same amount of work?  If they gain seniority and are paid more, should consideration be made in their pay for the fact that they miss work or are late? 

Also, in the same workplace there are women who have chosen to work fewer days, or are job sharing.  In the calculation of "women don't get paid as much for the same job" it's true, these women are not being paid as much for the same job.  They ARE being paid the same for the work they do, and the amount of experience they have in spite of the fact the take time off, call in sick, and come in late.
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What is the guarantee that the virgin made it back properly mated?
THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: Trump is in Trouble
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Yet for some reason people think it unfair that those who use more, should not pay more. 

Just curious what your opinion is on pay scale for men and women.  Should it be the same or should it be base on productivity?
THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: Trump is in Trouble
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I read it what is your beef?

did it not strike you as odd that they made a point of saying they were encouraging more private insurance and care?  Why?

Didn't see it.  Breezed through it again, still didn't see it.
There is nothing wrong with private insurance and care if you want it.  I am sure it will always be available.  You can get secondary insurance for most plans now if you are healthy.  There are many areas of the country that can support both but then there are many areas of the country that cannot support private care because the population is not big enough or wealthy enough.
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Jim, wouldn't this be a bad time of the year for you to use the flow frames?  It is my understanding that they need a heavy flow.  I have heard in light flows they jam the mechanism up with propolise.
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